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Hi! I’m Rabail,

A Digital Content Creator & Life-Skills Coach. 

I am passionate about promoting self-development and raising awareness about mental health. Overcoming anxiety, and embarking on a healing journey myself, have taught me a fair bit, that I would like to now share with others.


At my lowest point, the one thing that got me through is that, once I have figured it all out, I will share my experiences and gathered knowledge with the rest of the world.


The heart of this project is to present to you content that simplifies self-help for you. It’s to provide support and a community to all those who are determined to understand themselves better and are ready to take a journey within.


Having a Biomedical background, a lot of the information I present here has a scientific rigour, weaved together with my own personal experiences and a touch of spirituality – all this, in hopes that you are exposed to diverse perspectives and are then able choose what better fits you.


Ultimately, my vision is to bring positivity into the lives of my audience. If I can help just one person, my job here is done. To everyone reading this, whatever problem you are here with, I pray with all my heart that it gets resolved. And I wish that I could bring hope into your life because, with that ounce of hope, you can conquer just about anything in this world.


Rabail Dhedhi Bhyria 

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