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What COVID-19 Taught Me

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

As the entire world comes to a standstill, we all have been forced to come back home – to come back to ourselves. Something we should have done long time back. All along we’ve been running away from ourselves, only to realise that we have to ultimately come back. Because this is where we will find everything we need; which we are frantically looking for in all the wrong places. Not gonna lie, the first few days of lockdown/quarantine were tough for me. I felt intense anxiety, for no real reason. I was feeling emotional almost every day. Again I didn’t quite understand why. However, this is normal. Anxiety is a normal reaction when you’re experiencing something different, when you’re faced with uncertainty, as to when will this ever end. So if you’re feeling anxiety, don’t panic! It’s alright. Part of the process. Let it pass. After the harsh waves, comes stillness. I felt a sort of peace I’ve not felt for a long time. I’ve had major realisations and mental shifts, and this wouldn’t have happened, if I didn’t face myself head on. It was time. Time to stop running away... So here I am, to share with you all what I’ve reflected upon so far, in hopes that maybe it will be of some help. Let’s get started!

We were NEVER in control..

Why do we drive ourselves crazy by planning each and every detail of our lives? I mean I’m sure we all had a proper 2020 plan up our sleeves. And then here we are, with almost half a year gone, and absolutely nothing going as per our plan! So really, are we even in control? Most of our anxiety really comes because we try so hard to control. We try so hard to do something that we were never even meant to do. The mind thinks freedom comes from controlling – that’s a delusion. True liberation comes when we no longer attach ourselves to the outcome. We should definitely plan, and do what’s needed, while remaining flexible, but always always leaving the outcome to unfold on its own as we go along!

There’s so much to be grateful for..

Yes, it’s hard. Not being able to go out and meet our friends. Goodness, I miss them all to bits! And it’s okay to be sad that we are no longer able to go out as and when we would like to. However, look at it this way; the world is going through a pandemic, and yet in the midst of that, we can sleep in an air conditioned room, on a cozy bed. We are still able to cook delicious food in the comfort of our homes. Spend quality time with our families, which was forever due. On the contrary, there are many others who are actually living in the real fear of possibly succumbing to the disease. Who are craving to sleep on their beds, devour the home cooked food you’re having on a daily basis and spend time with their families. Yes, the front liners. All this to say that, if you wake up healthy and protected from the Virus, then you’re the luckiest person at the moment, given the circumstances.

Life is meant to be simple..

Life was never meant to be complex. We are finally realising that even when we are locked down, life still can go on! We’ve finally learnt to go back to basics. And yet we are doing fine! I’ve come to realise, we as humans are crazy adaptable! Initially, I was full of anxiety, that how can I possibly just stay at home and not go out and about? How will I survive? Almost 6 weeks into it, and we all are surviving pretty well aren’t we? Truth is, no matter what the situation, we are made to adapt and thrive accordingly! You aren’t as weak as you think you are.

Embrace Death..

Last, and the most profound realisation, I’ve had. Hear me out, this isn’t as dark as you think. If there’s one thing COVID-19 has taught us, then it’s that the only certain thing in this life is death. Now this isn’t to scare you off. But rather it’s to push you to start living already! Death is meant to come, and it will come no matter how much you try to push it away. We all will return back to our Creator, the Almighty.

So if you know that this life is temporary and this mere virus has very clearly shown us that, then why aren’t we thinking about how we are leading our lives? Why aren’t we doing what the heart desires? Why aren’t we following our purpose? Why aren’t we thriving to build ourselves from with-in to with-out?


I’ll end this off with one last question for us all to ponder upon..are we ready to face our Creator at the end of it all?


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